We have producing, recording, mixing, re-mixing, live show production, photography, video, song and lyric writing experience. It's all about finding a great space and team to help you with your craft. We are always open to learning and growing, while keeping a sharp ear out for following a vision that centers on great songs, high production value and taking risks and chances on styles and sounds that we believe in. 

Ultimately making music should be fun, should take place in a comfortable zone and be a process of discovering the new while understanding the road that got you there. Music, fashion, style, even business models all are cyclical. What comes around goes around again and again. Slowly evolving based on the unstoppable human need to be entertained and feel music touch you and your life. Being open minded and just working hard are a fierce combination. We encourage anyone and everyone to believe in their power to make music, film, art and support those that do.

Here's to our mutual success!

Vaughn Merlin Studios and David Vaughn are available to produce musical artists, scores, make custom licensing songs and record the hit you need for your next project.

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Vaughn Merlin Studios is committed to excellence in all forms of creative artistry. Contact us regarding our current projects and artists. We are always looking to be involved with talented people.