"The Healing Journey", the album by David Vaughn, released under the name David Vaughn Merlin.
Released October 2011.
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David Vaughn is a singer, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist
and recording artist. His vision includes writing and performing pop, rock, classical and electronic music, with a focus on memorable melody and a signature artistic production style. David Vaughn also enjoys bringing live performances of his music to the stage.

David Vaughn and Ashley Baldwin have formed the vocal duo of Stardust Life. Stardust Life is "retro-influenced future pop" rock music with a boy/girl vocal blend creating an instantly recognizable sound all its own. David has produced pop records and music for film and television, including music licensed to HBO, Cinemax, MTV, CSI, and radio. He is a lyricist and musician, equally inspired by life, the studio and concert hall.

  David's father, Mihaly Virizlay, was the 1st cellist in the Baltimore Symphony for 40 years. David grew up surrounded by a passion for composing and performance that led to a life path full of musical and artistic endeavors.

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Winner : New Age Album of the Year.
David Vaughn's album, 
"The Healing Journey", has won best
New Age Album of the Year in the
Independent Music Awards.
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The vocal duo of David Vaughn and Ashley Baldwin are in the studio working on the debut Stardust Life record!

Stardust Life will be performing their vocal duo pop music at select live shows this fall in preparation for the music's release and a full performance schedule and tour in 2014.

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